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Swamp Thing (2021) TP VOL 2 CONDUIT - pre-order: 0522DC171

Swamp Thing (2021) TP VOL 2 CONDUIT - pre-order: 0522DC171

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'Levi Kamei finds himself pulled into service as the avatar of the Green: first to London, where the scars of old wars and the dangers of past ideologies resurface and then to the land of his making, the Kaziranga wetlands, where he must stop a deadly bio-agent before it poisons the Green, and finally to a terrifying reunion with his brother, Jacob, now transformed into the villainous Hedera. But with these events come revelations as the secrets of Levi’s past are revealed and his life, and our world, will never be the same because of them. Collects The Swamp Thing #5-10.

pre-order:  0522DC171

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